Amit Deshmukh, Esquire | Attorney at Law

Business Law

Desh Law offers representation for many diverse needs of business owners. Desh Law can cover the needs of domestic business owners as well as international business owners. Whether you are starting out and need a business formation or need employee related services, Desh Law will always ensure the client is satisfied with the assistance they receive.

Business Formation

Starting a new business is always an exciting process and at Desh Law we could not be happier to help you along this process. Desh Law offers their expertise to ensure you form the proper corporation in regards to taxation and personal liability. We will be there right with you throughout the entire process and explain all of your concerns to ensure you will feel happy with your decision.

Intellectual Property

Have a great new business idea or logo? Not sure whether to apply for a trademark, trade secret, patent or copyright? These questions can be overwhelming at first, but Desh Law can guide you through your options and answer your questions to ease your worries. We will walk you through the process, so you will understand the benefits and need for protecting your intellectual properties. We will file the necessary paper work to protect your business idea to avoid any infringements.

Hourly Services

Need help with occasional issues? Of course not every company needs a full time in house counsel. Desh Law can do hourly services regarding the specific needs of your company. Whether it is to draft an empoylee contract, discuss pending legal options or guidelines on what to do next. While the services may end when the job is over, the relationship between us and your company is something we hold dear to us and cherish. Your success is our success.

International Business

Considering expanding your business from your foreign country into the United States? Not sure on whether to build an office in the United States? Whether you are liable for products sold in the US? Unsure about tax consequences? Desh Law can discuss your options and determine which path is best for your business needs. Here at Desh Law we recognize that not all business are the same and as such, require individualized plans.